Sustainable, scalable solutions for the largest electric customers

What do data centers, semiconductor factories, and green fuels projects all have in common?

They need very large amounts of clean power. But our infrastructure and regulation are falling behind. We believe innovation can solve the challenge.

We develop clean-powered, ready-to-build sites for the largest electric loads.

For Landowners

We make credible, fair offers for your property. You deal directly with decision makers who can negotiate quickly and create a win-win transaction.

For Communities

Our sustainable, carefully-planned projects unlock jobs, local tax revenue, economic growth. Our team is always available to work with you and respond to feedback, questions and concerns.

For Utilities

Utilities are our partners in powering large loads. We are experienced power professionals with a track record of successful collaboration.

For Large Loads

We accelerate your growth plans and remove key risks— all with a deep commitment to sustainability.

Leadership Team

4,000+ MW
Large loads powered

3,000+ MW
Operating wind, solar
and storage projects

700+ Miles
Operating or under construction transmission lines

3.0+ Billion
Project and development capital raised

We Are Hiring

Do you have a passion for increasing the use of renewable energy and providing clean power? Join our team and help us build a diverse workforce that represents where we operate and beyond.